Sewtopia Chicago 2015

I was super lucky to be able to attend Sewtopia Chicago, the first ever midwest event. I live about four hours away from the windy city and  so I packed up my family and drove!

Handmade bags sewn by Giedra Bowser

I was super nervous when I arrived because as much as I “knew”some the people from their IG presence I didn’t really actually know anyone.

I am glad that this Sewtopia had classes and instructors, which helped with the not knowing anyone part for me.

First up was class with Rita Hodge of red pepper quilts who traveled all the way from Australia to be with us! Rita is  a wonderful teacher and I learned things that I didn’t even know I wanted to know.  I now feel completely confident in y-seaming and have a new outlook on how to piece my quilt backs. Thanks Rita!!

The other teacher was Latifah Saafir who brought her molehills quilt pattern. Do you know what I did? I cut all my fabric with a rotary cutter and no ruler, nope none, just freehand. And ya know what? it was awesome! Wanna know what else? I sewed the entire thing without using one single pin! Woo! Latifahs way of thinking is right up my ally, a little loose and little “it all work out”, and a lot AMAZING! You all should run out and get this pattern it’s that good! No Seriously..go …after reading my post!

Latifah Saafir  Molehills tutorial


Lastly I participated in the Michael Miller Challenge and….I WON! Eeek still can’t believe it! I made a huge oversized  “open wide” zipper bag.

Michael Miller Challenge

Thank you, Thank you Sewtopia it was really fun and I hope I can get to Atlanta!