Hi there!

I’m Giedra Bowser and I really love fabric, sewing, knitting, quilts and clothes.

A long time ago in a city that felt like a small town I dabbled at fashion design at the Art Institute of Chicago, then I ran away to goof-off, boomeranged back home, got an MFA in fiber arts at the University of Michigan School of Art, had a couple a kids, got sidetracked and then landed right here. Welcome!

I'm really in love with a kind of planned improv style of quilting. I know, total opposites! It works for the way I think. I have more ideas than time to make them all and find inspiration in the everyday that surrounds me. 

Custom Orders

I welcome new inspiration and would love to design a custom quilt or wall hanging just for you! The turnaround-time on your custom order is based on workload and may take 1 to 4 months. Timing will be agreed to between us before a project is started or a deposit is accepted. All commissioned custom quilts require a 40% deposit up-front with the balance being due upon project completion. Please contact me by email for more information.